Quality & Field Management

Defects recording requires your full attention on the field, but much time is lost in the office finishing the follow-up paperwork after on-site inspection. Meanwhile, analysis of common issues and breakdowns may not be recorded for analysis for future improvement.
SnagR makes it simple to collect, report, manage and analyse defects. Save time and money in quality and field management, and let the field data bring you insights for informed decisions.

  • Plot issues, defects and other findings on drawings or schematics on-site with SnagR’s mobile app during construction and handover to replace data entry on spreadsheets.
  • Available to work offline, an internet connection or mobile data plan is not required; synchronise in the site office instead.
  • Digitise forms with including photos, linked location, drawings, daily diaries and test plans, to significantly reduce, if not eliminate all together, tedious paperwork.
  • Save time with automatic notifications to relevant parties of issues and actions required with your customised workflow.
  • Avoid costly issues and litigation with full audit trail.
  • Check conformity of key steps prior to moving on to the next according to inspection and test plans.
  • Generate simple traffic light system to confirm compliance and monitor progress.
  • Standardise the data collection of NCRs including where the NCR is found, when and who raised the register, the level of severity, photographic details, corrective action and estimated cost - centrally managed in one place.
  • Analyse the NCRs for the project or across all of your projects, and monitor if NCRs are being closed out to the agreed schedule.
  • Provides rich analytical data on reports allowing informed decisions and avoid recurring issues on future projects.
  • Communicate site data to key site personnel and head-office.
  • Interactive KPI dashboards with real-time on-site data is instantly ready for individual projects or from multiple projects on corporate overview.
  • Secure access to the information through registered username and password system.
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Regular safety walks are essential, but reports take time and effort. Safety is an ongoing process, meaning any unnecessary extra steps will add up to an enormous amount of time.
SnagR streamlines the process by providing an easy-to-use application for the field and a system to collect, organise and analyse data for decision-makers, resulting in exponential performance enhancement.

  • Eliminate the post-safety walk paperwork by recording safety findings and distribute them to relevant parties on the spot with SnagR mobile app.
  • Produce printable minutes in a click.
  • Raise and manage NCR easily with all data stored in one document, with drawings, photos, locations and any relevant attachments linked to the report.
  • Check signed-off documentation once corrective action is completed.
  • Capture data project-by-project and record everything on digitised forms filled out by on-site safety personnel - no more data-entry required.
  • An automatic notification is sent to the appropriate person once the forms are completed for further action or record as “closed passed”.
  • Record full audit trail for all steps in the process of accident register.
  • A unique QR code is given to each piece of site plant and equipment to tether all related information to one place.
  • Data in forms and drawings can be collated, analysed, reported and even integrated to your back-end system.
  • Track progress through all standard processes by automatically-generated KPI dashboards.
  • Review critical information any time, anywhere.
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Progress Reporting

  • Subscribe to relevant reports to keep yourself in the loop without overwhelming your inbox - SnagR will send the reports, according to your subscription preferences, to your email automatically.
  • Set up the subscription list for head office to let SnagR submit required reports to save manual work.
  • Publish real-time on-site data to head office to make informed decisions.
  • Quick overview of projects in customisable KPI dashboard
  • Analyse with detailed issue breakdown to control budget and project delivery schedule
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Site Journal

  • Save enormous time doing routine tasks by logging observations directly on-site.
  • Enhance productivity and enable continual improvement by making analytics possible.
  • Archive data on the cloud for easy future retrieval.
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  • Ensure all systems achieve project requirements with our simple, organised system
  • Record the whole handover process securely for potential audit tracking

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