Planned Preventive & Reactive Maintenance

Recording of defects is often time-consuming, meanwhile, analysis of common issues and breakdowns may not be recorded for analysis of trends. SnagR makes it simple to collect, report, manage and analyse defects.

  • Work offline to link issues, defects and other findings to the drawings to capture quickly and make it easy to locate for the maintenance team.
  • Save time with automatic notification to relevant parties of issues and actions required with your customised workflow.
Try it Yourself

OEM Manuals, As-Built Drawings & Warranty Documentation Register

When a leak is detected how do you know where to shut off the correct rainwater pipe? What is behind the ceiling or wall? SnagR provides a simple but powerful way to link together and index your documentation making it more efficient to provide maintenance.

  • Upload documentation useful to the Maintenance team to the document repository to keep a single source of truth.
  • Scan RFID or QRCodes to view documents indexed by location, and filter to show only the relevant information to your location on your mobile device.
  • Update your projects with insights and data on how the facility should be maintained creating a highly visual model that helps your staff maintain the facility and get access to the information they need.
  • This is as simple as uploading new documents to the register or adding new drawings / schematics linked to QRCodes to help with maintenance.

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