Quality & Shipyard Management

While much time is lost in the office finishing the follow-up paperwork after on-site inspection, analysis of common issues and breakdowns are not recorded for analysis for future improvement properly.

SnagR makes it simple to collect, report, manage and analyse findings. Save time and money in quality and shipyard management, and let the on-board data bring you insights for informed decisions.

  • Work offline directly on-site to link issues, defects and other findings to the drawings during for newly built ships, warranty ships and during ship refurbishment
  • Save time with automatic notification to relevant parties of issues and actions required with your customised workflow
  • Avoid costly issues and litigation with full audit trail
  • Digitize forms with compatibility of recordings, commissioning, daily diaries to test plans, etc. to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, tedious paperwork
  • Check conformity of key steps prior to moving on to the next according to test plans avoiding error prone manual processes
  • Generate simple traffic light system to confirm compliance and monitor progress.
  • Collect data including where the NCR is found, when it was issued, who raised the report, the level of severity, photographic details, corrective action and estimated cost - all in one place
  • Provides rich analytical data on reports allowing informed decisions and work on continual improvement
  • Make on-board data instantly available to key site personnel and office, bringing transparency to all parties involved
  • Interactive KPI dashboards with real-time on-site data are instantly ready for individual model or from multiple models on corporate overview
  • Secure access to the information through registered username and password system.
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On-board & Shipyard Safety

Safety is an ongoing process, meaning one unnecessary extra step can accumulate to imply an enormous amount of cost.

SnagR streamlines the process by providing an easy-to-use application to capture findings on shipyards, and a system to collect, organise and analyze data.

  • Capture data on accident and equipment on digitised forms filled out by shipyard personnel
  • Notify relevant engineers, foremen and/or other personnel in the customised workflow instantly for follow-up tasks
  • Fill in the forms anytime, anywhere whether you are scanning in the shipyard or sitting at the office, with or without internet connection
  • Raise transparency with a truly paperless process and share information easily
  • Record full audit trail to meet compliance requirements
  • Data in forms and drawings can be collated, analysed, reported and even integrated to your back-end system
  • Track progresses and review real-time information from automatically generated KPI dashboards
  • Analyse the rich data captured in shipyards to make informed decisions in future tasks and projects
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Company-wide Solution

We believe that more SnagR users means more time and cost saved, and more data captured means more insights gained. Simply put, work and life are made easier with the company-wide solution SnagR offers.

  • Move around the shipyard with a mobile phone or tablet to capture findings right at where they are located
  • Unleash full productivity in your profession by freeing yourself from paperwork
  • Stay tuned by receiving instant notifications and subscribing to reports
  • Automate periodic and adhoc reports - no more data-entry required
  • Ready-to-use analytics and KPI dashboards whenever and wherever you want it
  • Manage multiple production lines and shipyards simultaneously with individual project and corporate overviews
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