Instant Response

Receive & send in-app messages and/or emails to eliminate communication delays

Customer Satisfaction

Shorten reaction time & reduce error-prone manual processes, and provide real-time updates to home owners

Reduce Cost

Eliminate paperwork and reduce on-site staffing with data input by home owners directly

Customer Story

Paperless Forms

True Mobility

Home owners can fill out the forms anytime, anywhere


Digital forms enable the office to have real-time information

Customised Workflow

Design or import your company forms and workflows

Digitised Issues

Issue Status

Synchronise & trace issue fixing progress easily


Take a photo at every stage to communicate & record issues


Plot issues on floor plans directly

Automated Reporting


Monitor progress to ensure on-time handover


Customise dashboards & reports according to your requirements

360° Analysis

Present data from any dimension to analyse & enhance performance

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